Doing it anyway

I’m Hannah. A little over 30 years old and I have been living in Berlin for over ten years.

You can probably get an accurate picture of me as follows: “Oh, the train station is seven minutes’ walk away, the train leaves in five minutes. Come on, let’s take it!” My life has been very bumpy. Accidents, serious chronic illnesses and complications didn’t stop me. On the contrary, perhaps. They proved to me what is possible. If someone has a challenge, I come straight to them with seven possible solutions and find whining rather tedious. Try to change something – there is always a way. “I have rarely seen so much objective empathy in one person”, was a nice compliment. Or: “I’ll write you an email and you just write back ‘Well then do this, then that or the following. And then I thought ‘Hey, why not. And started walkting.'”

I am well aware that we have different talents for dealing with challenges. I am convinced that we are given a lot of things that we can’t influence and that make it difficult for us in different ways. Nevertheless, there is much that can be learned anew. And at least you should try it first. Then we can still complain.


Getting sh*it done

Sara, my co-founder, calls me “the machine.” Keeping many balls in the air, keeping the overview, moving forward together, being loyal and reliable, reflecting on visions and acting strategically. Add a little pressure and stress: I’m on fire.

Many things make me unique. Sometimes it gets in my way that I want to and could change something in so many areas.

So where to start…with CoWomen.

"You want to lift up family, economy, society? You invest in women!"- Melinda Gates

CoWomen - the first community & coworking space for women in Germany

As a consultant in the software industry, I quickly realized that this cannot be the working world of the future: Milk pumping in the customer’s toilet, no remote work. A lot of responsibility, but little involvement. Inclusive corporate culture not in sight.

CoWomen was first thought of in March 2017 as a coworking space with childcare. Shortly afterwards it became clear: a space for women only. With childcare? Hm…not really. The women who would work here usually already have childcare or come mainly to experience a little freedom and peace of mind for their projects away from home.

In September 2017 Sara-Marie Wiechmann and Kat Brendel joined me and we made CoWomen to what it is now. We wanted to build an empire! CoWomen – the community space for “women with drive”.

The first Coworking Space for women in Germany opened in May 2018 near Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte. It was the smallest and most comfortable space. Our PoC. By the way, we also have diverse and non-gender humans and in the meantime men with us in Space. The focus is on women, but only if we are there for everyone, we create change.

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CoWomen - getting here

At the end of 2018 we moved to the Alte Münze, an iconic building on the other side of Berlin-Mitte. A former coin manufactory with a lot of history. In 2019, we welcomed over 2,000 people here on 270 square meters, for many days of coworking, but also at many events. And every single encounter was inspiration for us!

In May 2019 the next success: Johannah opens the second CoWomen Space in Heidelberg. We hope that many more will follow.

Alte Münze is in temporary use and is constantly changing into a music location.

It was an important stopover and door opener for us and then it was time to move on. In spring 2020 we prepared the move to a charming, smaller space, again near the first space (well, it’s already Prenzlauer Berg). There we arrived and feel comfortable. From here we can rule the world.

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Business Changemakers - by, with & for women

Especially Sara and I always knew that we are consultants at heart (as well as talent and potential). Most people come to us because they want to make a difference, because the “classic working world” doesn’t work for them that way. And even though we support these people in their businesses and projects with community and space, consulting and much more, it is also clear that the way out of the companies is not the solution for everyone: So we go back in and support organizations and companies to position themselves in a way that creates inclusive corporate cultures.

It is about looking at what is really needed and not just throwing another measure at a symptom. It’s about causes, impact. Our actions are sustainable and long-term. You can’t do that with a one-hour workshop on “Unconscious Bias”.

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For everyone in the economy & society!

Together with Stephanie Feser we bring the consulting forward. For us there is no question that inclusive diversity is “the right thing to do”, but in companies moral issues are rarely justified. Why not? Well, we cannot overthrow capitalism.

But we can focus on looking at why intersectional inclusion should be part of the strategy. Because yes: it is the smart thing to do (too).

CoWomen, the Changemakers… and getting loud. I would like to be even louder. Let’s see what else I can pull off here. Our topics are as diverse as we are: Working worlds of the future, digitalisation, corporate cultures, female founders, female entrepreneurs…yes, what is this female entrepreneur actually?

We can still move and change so much.

More...yes, even more.

I have always been committed to making a difference. As a student, I founded networks, went out into the public for chronically ill and disabled young people, spoke openly about non-visible disabilities and was able to create understanding and then change.

I founded networks (today we call them “communities”) that still exist today.

I first studied business administration and romance languages in Mannheim, then I studied for a master’s degree in “Non-Profit Management and Public Governcance” – always with the aim of saving the world, because I realised that law would be the wrong way. Lawfulness and justice are not (always) the same things. I ended up in a lobby association, I was young and had a boss who was a good companion. A detour via a failing start-up in Berlin finally brought me into a software company.

As an employee, I initially dealt with holistic human resources development and developed concepts. Then, as a senior consultant, I dedicated myself primarily to processes. Processes are like culture: They are there whether you want them to be or not, so we prefer to design them. Process management, process automation and process analysis were above all my thing. Nevertheless, I have always been committed to parity at all levels and have implemented sustainable projects, especially for parents.

The values

Quality. Sustainable. Data-driven. Long-term.

What am I stumbling on? Superficial debates, discussions that go round and round. Statements like “Diverse teams are more productive.” No… they’re not. Not per se. People on diverse teams feel more stressed. Only when the basis, the corporate culture, the leadership is in place can they be as productive as they are.

Data-driven and transparent: We want to know where the companies stand, what we achieve and how sustainable something that is done is. Data, data, data. And even more importantly, we can only achieve greater parity through transparency and also objectivization.

And about the fact that I would prefer to express my opinion more directly and curse too often. I’m sorry.

A circle. Being completed.

With CoWomen and the Business Changemakers my circle, my WHY, to truly change something in the world in order to strengthen the (economy and) society through the creation of inclusion, closes at first. A better community for all. Big goals? Well, hello…I’ll catch that train!

My topics, my work

Strategic consulting - holistic, sustainable

I support the identification, conception and implementation of the inclusion aspects of the corporate strategy. The focus here is on aligning the vision and values with the strategy in a sustainable and realisable way.

Leadership & culture

Diverse teams do not per se work together more effectively, productively and innovatively (usually the opposite). Only in the right culture and with the right leadership can they develop their potential.

Digitization & Processes

This is the 21st century. Just because technology exists doesn't mean it has to be used. It is important to design process and knowledge management carefully.

Then we will find the right solutions for your company.

100 % of the talent pool & market

Yes, the "women's issue" - numerous studies show that the leadership of the future is shaped by feminine socialized values. The good thing is that this can be learned and implemented.

Did you read all this?

Would you like to learn more or do you need support in implementing your plans?

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Unsere Story


In unserer Arbeit und unseren Anstellungen haben wir gemerkt, dass wir etwas bewegen möchten – über die jeweiligen Unternehmen und Projekte hinaus. Etwas, das der Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft einen Nutzen bringt.

Wir haben dann unseren Coworking Space, den ersten Space nur für Frauen in Deutschland, eröffnet: CoWomen. Dieser Community Space ist ein Ort für Inspiration, für die Projekte, Businesses und Ideen vieler Menschen (genau, nicht mehr ausschließlich Frauen).

Sara-Marie Wiechmann und Hannah Dahl vereinen sowohl die Erfahrungen als Frauen mit Verantwortung als auch in der übergreifenden Personal- und Unternehmensentwicklung. Wir kennen ebenso die Herausforderungen und Chancen als Unternehmerinnen.

CoWomen und ich sind bekannt aus...


An die gläserne Decke stoßen? Wir stolpern an der gebrochenen Sprosse der Karriereleiter auf dem Weg dort hin.

Frauen in Führung – wie kommen wir dort hin? Indem die richtigen Strukturen gestaltet werden, die richtigen Maßnahmen an den richtigen Stellen ansetzen. So kann mittelfristig und nachhaltig Wirkung entstehen und gleichverteilt der Weg in Verantwortung begangen werden.

Karriereleiter - Die gebrochene Sprosse

Frauen auf dem Weg nach oben