Doing it anyway

I am Hannah Dahl, passionate changemaker, consultant by choice, founder, mentor, speaker, feminist, entrepreneur and full of energy to move even more in this world and in organizations.
You probably get an apt picture of me like this: “Oh, the train station is a seven-minute walk away, the train leaves in five minutes. Come on, let’s take it!”
My life was very bumpy, the stones in the way did not stop me. On the contrary, they showed me what could be built from them, and I bring these experiences into my environment as well: When someone faces a challenge, I think of seven possible solutions.

Some things are ingrained in us that we cannot influence, and that make it difficult in different ways for us to tackle something and see it through. Nevertheless, on the one hand, a lot can be relearned and on the other hand, we can become aware of this and then move forward with the support of different tools.
This applies as much to the conception, implementation and support of projects and new processes in companies and organizations as it does to personal and professional projects and goals.

Kind words

Getting sh*t done

Sara, my co-founder, who impresses me every day and from whom I have learned and am still learning a lot, calls me “the machine”. Keeping a lot of balls in the air, keeping an overview, moving forward together, being loyal and reliable, focusing on visions and being strategic. And when a little pressure and stress are added to the mix, I’m on fire.
I’ve always been committed to being really effective and making a difference for the better.
I’m made up of many things. I’m a generalist with a big gut. Which people and organizations around me can benefit from.
So what to start with…digitization in public administration. (Yes, it really exists…)

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