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From IT and process consultant to entrepreneur

As a consultant in the software industry, it quickly became clear to me that this cannot be the working world of the future. Inflexible, child-unfriendly, wasting ressources, since „change management“ was always left out of the digitalization process and then everyone wondered why people weren’t really on board…After two months of maternity leave, I returned to work – with a frightening amount of headwind, even from my employer. Pumping milk in the customer restroom, I wondered: how can it still go? CoWomen was raised in March 2017 with the idea of a coworking space with childcare – obvious. Shortly after, it became clear: A space just for women. With childcare? Hm…kind of not. In September 2017, Sara-Marie Wiechmann and Kat Brendel joined us and we made CoWomen what it really is. We wanted to build an empire! CoWomen – the community space for „women with drive“. The first coworking space for women in Germany opened in May 2018 near Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte. It was the smallest and coziest space. By the way, we also had diverse people and in the meantime feminist men with us in the Space. The focus is on women, but only when we are there for everyone, we create change.

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CoWomen - this is how it went

At the end of 2018, we moved to the Alte Münze, an iconic building on the other side of Berlin-Mitte. A former mint with a lot of history. On 270 square meters, we welcomed over 2,000 people here in 2019, for many days of coworking, but also at many events. And every single encounter was an inspiration for us!In May 2019, the next success: Johannah opens the second CoWomen Space in Heidelberg. We were already able to share a lot of important advice with women in Europe that helped them to open their own Spaces.The Old Mint was an important stopover and door opener for us and then it was time to move on. Despite Corona, we were brave and moved to a charming new Space in the summer of 2020. In the fall we were profitable for the first time and then came the „second wave“…business is a numbers game and in November we had to make the decision: In May 2021 we will close the Berlin CoWomen Space.

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Kind words's a feminist (working) world, darling!

CoWomen Changemakers: Sara and I in particular have always been clear that we are consultants at heart (as well as talent and potential). Most people come to us because they want to make a difference, because the „classic working world“ doesn’t work for them that way. And even though we supported these people in their businesses and projects with community and space, consulting and much more, it is also clear that the way out of the companies is not the solution for everyone: So we went back in and supported organizations and companies to position themselves to create inclusive organizational cultures.We were always about looking at what was really needed and not just throwing another measure at a symptom. It’s about causes, impact. What we did was sustainable and long-term. You can’t do that with a 1 hour workshop on „Unconscious Bias“.Aaaaber…yeah, that’s right, a big but: the board was so thick, the headwind so strong, …because the necessary and real changes can only happen through leadership and for them all it was too often just pink washing. Choose your battles – we couldn’t fight that battle anymore.

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Consulting for fun and conviction? It depends. ;)

I first studied business administration and Romance languages and literature at the University of Mannheim, then went on to do a master’s degree in non-profit management and public governance – always with the goal of saving the world. I ended up in a lobbying association, I was young and had a boss who gave me good guidance. A detour via a failing start-up in Berlin finally brought me to a software company.As an employee, I first dealt with holistic personnel development and developed concepts. Then, as a senior consultant, I devoted myself primarily to processes. Processes are like culture: they are there whether you like them or not, so we better design them (otherwise they are crap). Process management, automation and analysis were primarily my thing.As the CEO of CoWomen and a changemaker for the (working) world, I had arrived.My topics are now more classical: understanding organizations and making them better. And that is only possible with what exactly this organization needs.

And then there are the motorcycles....

I have been riding a motorcycle for 20 years. Since I’ve had a family, I do regular safety training, wear an airbag vest, ride even more carefully.And here I am Rider of the Week.

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In the spring of 2021 I got an adventure bike and came across little useful information for everyday and some challenges as a woman. Therefore, I began to report on my experiences.

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Doing it anyway

I am Hannah Dahl, passionate changemaker, consultant by choice, founder, mentor, speaker, feminist, entrepreneur and full of energy to move even more in this world and in organizations.You probably get an apt picture of me like this: „Oh, the train station is a seven-minute walk away, the train leaves in five minutes. Come on, let’s take it!“My life has been quite bumpy, the stones in the way did not stop me. On the contrary, they showed me what could be built from them, and I bring these experiences into my environment as well: When someone faces a challenge, I think of seven possible solutions.

I can apply the accurate analysis, develop a targeted conception, implementation and support of projects and new processes in companies and organizations as well as to personal and professional projects and objectives.

Kind words

Getting sh*t done

Sara, my co-founder, who impresses me every day and from whom I have learned and am still learning a lot, calls me „the machine“. Keeping a lot of balls in the air, keeping an overview, moving forward together, being loyal and reliable, focusing on visions and being strategic. And when a little pressure and stress are added to the mix, I’m on fire.I’ve always been committed to being really effective and making a difference for the better.I’m made up of many things. I’m a generalist with a big gut. Which people and organizations around me can benefit from.So what to start with…digitization in public administration. (Yes, it really exists…)

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